100 lb. Iditarod Finisher — Who Trained Her Own Dog Team From Scratch — Shows You How To Teach Your Most Crazy Unruly Dog to LOVE Urban Mushing (and keep yourself safe and sane while enjoying the journey)

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How to Safely and Sanely Exercise Your Dogs on Urban Trails

Give Your Dogs an Outlet for Their Physical Energy While You Have the Most Fun Ride of Your Life!

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Short on time to exercise your dog? Bored with traditional obedience training methods…or they don’t work so well for you?

Do you dread the daily “tug-of-war” that masquerades as a walk for your dog? Are you desperate for your dog to calm down, relax, and chill…so you can?

Just getting started with mushing and have no idea how to train or progress in some logical order?

Nobody else around in your area who does or trains mushing? Or your local mushers can’t communicate the basics of what you need to get started?

Struggling to communicate and bond with your dog? Still having discussions with them about “who is the boss around here?”

If you want to learn how to be safely exercise and control your energetic dog while getting outside together in your own neighborhood, then you’re in the right place!

Urban GO Dogs is a self-paced online urban mushing clinic — a convenient, distance learning yet hands-on clinic for people who want to harness their dog’s pulling energy while having FUN!

Through the clinic’s classes, materials and online community you and your dog WILL experience the thrill of exploring together by dog power! And YOU will learn how to help your dog be the Good Dog they really want to be.

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Getting Ready to Go Urban Mushing

What is Urban Mushing? It is an exciting new sport where you can exercise your dog(s) safely and easily, on local bike paths, parks or even your neighborhood streets. You and your dog bond while learning these new skills and put them into practice easily, conveniently and quickly on your own home turf.


Your dog gets to burn off that excess energy and become calmer and a joy to live with.

Your dog wants to DO something that makes them and you happy. Your dog wants a J*O*B, something besides waiting for the next food bowl to descend from the counter. I absolutely believe your dog — every dog — wants and needs fulfillment, just like you do. And mushing (pulling in harness) is the best job your dog will ever have.

You don’t need a “no-pull harness” — what you need and what your dog craves is a structured and controlled way to easily channel all that pulling energy so both of you have the ultimate in fun.

You and your dog bond through a mutual sense of accomplishment as you travel together as a team. You get outside and have fun experiencing your dog enjoying him or herself. To find out more, see below to get all the details and find out how easy it is to get started!

I didn’t realize how crucial these exercises were or how to do them correctly. Now that I understand, I see a HUGE difference in my dog!! — ZE, Fairfield, CA

Do I need a bunch of expensive equipment? Nope! I know you’re going to discover it’s a kick in the pants with just a small investment! Most people do urban mushing with either a bicycle or dog scooter, or even hooked to a harness as a runner, and I go over all the equipment and gear options for you, and show you how to fit your dog for a harness. It’s really pretty simple: a solid leash, a collar, a harness and something to pull you with are all you need to start out with.

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Learn and Practice in the Comfort and Convenience of Your Own Home and Neighborhood!

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So what and where do I learn how to do this? Urban Mushing Instruction is now coming directly to you! I have launched a new self-paced online multimedia training program, based on my popular and well-received in-person clinics called Urban GO Dogs…this is Urban GO Dogs – Everywhere!

This offering is in many ways far better than the one day in-person clinics — not only do you get more instruction and information, more chance to practice, and more chance to ask questions, you also get recorded class lessons, videos, audios, checklists and handouts for permanent reference and you can learn and practice at your own pace. You get one-on-one support from me, and you get the help and support of our exclusive online network of students and alumni from all over.

And I bring this information completely to you, in the comfort of your own home and neighborhood. So whether you’re in Seattle or South Africa, New Zealand, Newfoundland or New York, Los Angeles or Labrador, Boston or British Columbia…Urban GO Dogs – Everywhere! has you covered.

This unique and comprehensive multimedia distance learning training class will teach you everything you need to know to get started enjoying the sport of urban mushing — safely, sanely, enthusiastically.

You’ll look back on this and won’t be able to believe how far you’ve come…someday soon. — AR, Pleasanton, CA

I’ll teach you how to teach your dog to pull in harness, on command…and you and your dog take it wherever you like. Around the block, on vacation, to the beach, local parks and trails, racing…where you can enjoy urban mushing with your dog is only limited by your imagination.

Think you can’t learn urban mushing online? Think again!

I started out with Serby (7 months old) inconsistently pulling me on a Pawtrek scooter so slow that I had trouble keeping my balance or darting after squirrels. Today I’m running a 5 dog team and have raced in 2 official 4dog 4mile races, we even placed in the top 8 or better in both races.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to hear the students’ needs. You gave us the tools we need to build a relationship with our dog/s and to build a path to communication. Through your class I was able to understand my dog/s in a way that really can only be described as magical. We can actually have conversations with each other now.

Your teachings through practice, exercises, videos, discussion and yes even homework made it possible for us to start from the very beginning and step by step build our way forward in a way that was helpful and made sense to me. In the process my dog and I built a strong bond and trust. This has really become the core of what I feel mushing is all about. Being out on a run with the sounds of the winds rushing around you, the sled/rig traveling along and the dogs feet and breath pounding the air. To feel totally at ease because you have put the time and effort in and you trust your dog/s and they in return trust you.

I’m not going to say we are anywhere close to perfect or that we don’t have challenging days, but we are light years away from where we were only a year ago. People look to me now as an example of what you can do with determination and dedication, and that was only possible because of your dedication to your students and the sport. Thanks again!”

LD, Ontario, Canada


I’m offering this free Introduction to Urban Mushing Video Series so you can sample just a tiny fraction of the class materials and information.

Each lesson in the full class has videos, handouts, recorded class sessions, Q&A, email support, access and info through our private online community of alumni and students…and of course the videos demoing all the important points, skills, tips and techniques which break it down for you step by step. You get it all, and it’s a part of your permanent personal training reference library.

Get all the online full class details here and enjoy your Free Video Series!

My husband Alex and I went back to the trails again yesterday with the bike and the scooter. Yup – Stare is a mushing machine now! He did so awesome!! I need to get my other borderwhippet trained …I’m so proud of both boys! Alex worked on passing them with his bike coming into them and coming up from behind and they were so good! Tripp really knows his gee-over and Stare is getting it. Wow – this is so much fun!! I LOVE it!!!! And so do the dogs :D –KH, Las Vegas, NV


Thanks for your interest in learning the fun activity to do with your dog — the amazing sport of dog-powered travel called Urban Mushing! Urban mushing IS “real” mushing, without the snow and cold…but take it wherever it strikes you, including sledding and skijoring — you and your dog learn how to be a real sled dog TEAM.

Dogsledding on wheels is a great dog activity for most any size and breed of dog — a great way to exercise your dog and bond with your dog at the same time by accomplishing something together as you explore your urban landscape.

It’s the ultimate fun alternative to running or hiking with your dog, because you get the ride of your life while your dog gets a rewarding and fulfilling job to do for you.

Free Test Drive!Get 5 FREE Lessons straight from the online mushing clinic Urban GO Dogs – Everywhere!
Get Free Instant Access to your Introduction to Urban Mushing Video Series.

Your personal information is 100% protected and never shared with anyone else…we hate spam too!

How many dogs do you have?
How did you hear about us?
Your personal information is 100% protected and never shared with anyone else…we hate spam too!